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After several years of advising businesses and providing consulting services found useful by most of our clients, to the extent that we had invitations to serve on company “Boards”, 's Chief Executive Officer and the team began to wonder “why GP was not in business itself?” So establishing the Trading Wing of the company provided an opportunity to practice the company had been preaching. It was also a vehicle to help refine and sharpen its' business management skills so as to be useful to those we still continue to support. As our name depicts, anything that we handle “MUST BE GENUINE”, otherwise we will not touch it. As we solve your business headaches, we also help to rejuvenate your personality. This is the rationale for introducing these innovative products to the West African Market. is the sole representative of Casabella SRL of Piacenza, Italy. holds the African franchise for the following products:

  • Remote Controlled and Manual Electro-Medical Hydro-Massagers (Sanital Italiana of Italy)
  • Medical (Surgical) Disposables (Sevana MediNeeds)
  • Pressurized Dry Steam Irons and Suction/Vacuum Operated Heated Ironing Boards (Italy)
  • Anti-Insect Line: This is made up of insect trapping and killing appliances that could be used both domestically, industrially (designed to incorporate HACCP* standard regulations and areas where chemical insecticides are not allowed), and commercially.
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Point Controls
  • Social Media

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