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"Convenient packages are easier to use and make purchase decisions easier for the customer as well." Genuine Products, Limited (GP&SL) became involved in the packaging industry in 2001 by accident. The company was looking for equipment to package a powdered indigenous beverage when we learned about the machines we are currently marketing.

Most of the quotes we received from Europe and the United States ranged from $60,000 to $90,000 for fully automated machines. Then we learned about semi-automated (selling for less than $1,000) and fully automated machines (selling for less than $5,000). Interestingly enough, most of our machines tend to have greater installed capacities than those from the West.

With the realization that other companies have similar challenges (not problems) in locating the right technology, GP&SL decided to promote these machines. This is how we became involved in packaging machines and packaging materials. We know the challenges besetting the industry because we are already part of it ourselves.

Irrespective of what you are involved in, for the home or business, you will definitely find a machine that will make life easy for you. We handle all types of packaging machines irrespective of scale and source. Our listed packaging machines include, but not limited to:

1. Vacuum Packers
2. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Machines
3. Shrink Packaging Machines
4. Multipurpose Sealing Machines
5. Locking and Capping Machines
6. Filling Machines
7. Liquid Production Lines
8. Biscuit Production Lines
9. Coders and Printers
10. Cup and Bowl Sealers
11. Case Sealers
12. Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines
13. Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines
14. Aluminium Foil Sealers
15. Hand Sealers
16. Pedal Sealers
17. Printing and Plastic Moulding Machines
18. Slicers
19. Spare Parts & Consumables

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