Genuine Packaging Centre (GPC)

Welcome to the Genuine Packaging Centre (GPC). GPC was established to support small and medium Enterprises in the food and the pharmaceutical industry to upgrade their products (both quality and presentation) to enable them to compete locally and globally. Our clients need to have processing equipment only and rely on us to stock and support them with the necessary packaging materials and machines.

GPC provides the following integrated and unique services:

GPC is to provide a one-stop solution to all our clients on support to

1. Produce quality products;
2. Aesthetically beautiful package design and packaging that will also prolong the shelf life of products.
3. We also support clients to get the necessary product certification, barcodes and adherence to international labelling and other standards.

We stock and help with the Marketing of Client Products. We believe in supporting the client to turn around our materials supplied quickly to assure regular repeat orders. Due to this motivation we are very diligent with this responsibility. The commission earned becomes due reward for the effort and never the motivation.

Where a client needs some basic equipments, we provide linkages to the tight and most reliable source within the sub-region – Genuine Products & Services Ltd., where they are

1. Select the most relevant machinery for food processing;
2. Select the most appropriate packaging machines and materials;
3. Supported to source quality and most economical production raw materials; and
4. Where necessary, supported to get the necessary funding to procure machines and materials.

We help our clients grow, GPC also serves as a demonstration centre for the training of graduates of various institutions that empower small and medium enterprises. We also provide both basic and advanced training in Packaging. GPC also mentors clients and sometimes help them incubate their ideas by doing trials using our machines as a prelude to buying their own machines later.

A necessary step that GPC will take in the nearest future is to establish a commodity exchange centre.

We welcome all enquiries related to the food and pharmaceutical industry. For effective use of our services, we require that our esteemed clients inform us in advance of their requirement to enable us to arrange the production scheduling of their product.

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