A. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

1. System Design & Operationalization:

(a) Lead player in the development of TechnoServe, Inc. corporate M&E systems and tools and coordinated the continuing development and operation of the in-house monitoring and evaluation systems from 1994 - 2001;

(b) Designed and operationalized TechnoServe Ghana Food Security Impact Monitoring and Evaluation (FSIME) System (1997 – 2001);

(c) Consulted in the design and installation of monitoring and evaluation systems for Aid to Artisans, USA Regional Initiative for Southern Enterprises (RISE). Operationalized the system designed in Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa (May - June 1998);

(d) Consulted in the design and Operationalization of the M&E System of IFAD LACOSREP II in the Upper East Region of Ghana (August – December 2002);

(e) Designed and operationalized the Performance Monitoring Plan (PMP) for the West Africa Trade Hub, a USAID funded project operating in 20 countries (March 2003 - Jan. 2005);

(f) Co-Team leader for the review and design of third party M&E framework “Dubbed – Adding Value to Performance Monitoring and Evaluation within the Framework of Shell Community Development Program” for the Shell Petroleum Development Company CD Unit. Port Harcourt Nigeria (July/August 2005);

(g) Designed and operationalized the ENHANCE M&E System for OICI Ghana USAID-funded food security program in Ghana (Oct/Nov. 2005);

(h) Designed and Operationalized MIS for 6 OICI Ghana Programmes (July - November 2006);

(i) Took the lead role in supporting a United States of America (USA) Private Voluntary Organization (PVO) Opportunities Industrialization Centre International (OICI) Ghana to design and operationalize an M&E System; and establish an M&E unit for Newmont Ghana Gold Limited (NGGL) Ahafo Project. Three GP&SL worked to employ a total of 21 staff to establish the Newmont External Affairs Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (NEAMU), trained them on the system developed for two years. This received commendation from the IFC, as it was a precondition for disbursement of an approved loan to Newmont. (February 2006 – December 2007)

2. Baselines:

(a) Assisted in the design and implementation of a baseline on the FAO-funded Afram Plains Mechanization Project (1993);

(b) Lead a team to conduct a baseline study for the World-Bank funded pilot and post-harvest component of the $80 million Village Infrastructure Project (VIP) in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana;

(c) Team Leader for four (4) Regional Food Security Baselines: Upper West (1997), Brong Ahafo (1998), Upper East (1999) and Northern Region (1999);

(d) Lead Consultant, IFAD/UWADEP Project Upper West Regional Baseline Study - Ghana (December 1999);

(e) Coordinated the design of a joint Baseline Study for TechnoServe, OIC, ADRA & CRS;

(f) Designed and implemented a baseline study for the USDA - funded ATRIP Project in Ghana (June 2002); and

(g) Designed and undertook a participatory baseline study for Heifer Project International’s Ghana program (Phase I in March 2000; Phase II in Nov. - Dec. 2002; & Phase III in June 2005).

(h) Developed a generic baseline for Heifer Project International Ghana (June 2006)

3. Mid-Term Evaluations:

(a) Aid to Artisans (ATA) USA RISE Program Mid-Term Evaluation in Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa (February 1999);

(b) Upper West Regional Food Security Mid-Term Evaluation (December 1999);

(c) Counterpart Team Leader for OICI Ghana Title II DAP Midterm (September 2001);

(d) Upper East Regional Food Security Mid-Term Evaluation Survey (November 2001);

(e) Northern Regional Food Security Mid-Term Evaluation Survey (December 2001);

(f) Heifer International Ghana, Participatory Mid-term evaluation of Techiman-Nkoranza Livestock Project (June-July 2005).

4. Final Evaluations:

(a) Upper West Regional Food Security Final Evaluation Survey (October 2001);

(b) Counterpart Team Leader for OICI Ghana Title II DAP Final Evaluations (August 2002);

(c) Final Evaluation of OICI Institutional Support Assistance (ISA) Fund (December 2002);

(d) Final Evaluation of the LEVENTIS Foundation Farmers’ Training Programme, University of Ghana (December 2003);

(e) Final evaluation of six Heifer International Ghana Livestock Projects (April-June 2005) using participatory tools.

(f) Partnered Enterprise for Development International (EfDI) of Nigeria to undertake an impact evaluation of Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited (EPNL) Sustainable Development (SD) interventions in Egi area of the Ogba/Ndoni/ Egbema Local Government Area (ONELGA) of Rivers State in Nigeria. It was the first Impact evaluation after 40 years of implementation.

5. Other Evaluation Activities:

(a) Team leader for a nationwide UNICEF/IDRC-funded Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD) prevalence and salt production/marketing surveys;

(b) Independent Monitor for some African Development Foundation (ADF) funded projects in Ghana (September 2002).

5. Other Evaluation Activities:

A. Monitoring & Evaluation GP&SL has work experience in Italy, UK and all fifteen (15) ECOWAS countries and additional seven (7) countries in East and Southern Africa. Over the years, the company has established and nurtured solid business linkages with companies in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas. GP&SL has consulted directly and sometimes as a sub for the following, among others – the World Bank, UNICEF, IFAD, FAO, UNDP, JICA, IDRC of Canada, Africa 2000, Government of Ghana MDAs, West Africa Gas Pipeline Project (WAGP), LEVENTIS Foundation, Newmont Ghana Gold Limited; Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) of Nigeria, Rivers State Sustainable Development Agency (RSSDA), ChevronTexaco of Nigeria, Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited (EPNL), International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), British Gas – Nigeria, USADF, USAID, USDA, Rivers State Government of Nigeria, CNFA organization of USA, Organic Commodity Products (OCP) of Boston, Opportunities Industrialization Centres International (OICI), Heifer Project International (HPI), Aid to Artisans – USA, TechnoServe Mozambique, Enterprise for Development International (EfDI) of Nigeria.

Our core areas of Expertise are in the following areas:
• Design and Operationalisation of M&E Systems;
• Design of Information Management Systems (MIS);
• Conduct of Baseline Studies; and
• Conduct of Evaluations.
For detailed information kindly check our M&E page

B. Country Strategy and Program Planning

(a) Co-coordinator for the preparation of TechnoServe/Ghana Annual Strategy and Operational Plan (1995-2001); (b) Facilitated the preparation of a Ghana Country Strategy Plan for Heifer Project International (2002 & 2003);

(c) Assisted Enterprise for Development International (EfDI), a Nigerian-based NGO to review their country strategy (2002);

(d) Assisted in the preparation of a Community Development Plan for the Escravos Gas to Liquid Project (EGTL) Area of Nigeria for Chevron-Texaco, Nigeria (2002). Methods used included PNA and stakeholder analysis, among others;

(e) Led a team to prepare a communications plan for the External Affairs Unit of the West Africa Gas Pipeline (WAGP) Project;

(f) Facilitated the establishment of a five-year strategic alliance between OICI-Ghana and Heifer Project International-Ghana (2003/2004);

(g) Lead a team to undertake a review of the agricultural sector of Ghana, an input for the formulation of a new Country Assistance Framework (CAF) for Japanese Cooperation in Ghana (January 2005).

C. Program/Project Implementation and Management

(a) Served as a member of TechnoServe/Ghana Senior Management Team and ensured that monitoring and evaluation tools were practical and useful for management decision-making;

(b) Helped with the coordination of the Umbrella NGO component of the UNDP-funded Ghana National Poverty Reduction Program (NPRP);

(c) Analyzed all TechnoServe project/program activities to assure cost-effectiveness;

(d) Authored articles on SME development for internal and external publications;

(e) Assisted in the establishment and management of the West Africa Trade Hub. A USAID West African Regional Program-funded project that is covering 20 West African Countries and implemented by Carana Corporation & Abt Associates of the US.

D. Proposal Writing and Donor Reporting

(a) Developed and wrote major project proposals for TechnoServe/Ghana;

(b) Had a key role in the preparation of the USAID Title II Development Activity Proposal that fully funded TechnoServe/Ghana for five years;

(c) Completed work on TechnoServe/Ghana’s DAP Amendment in FY 2001;

(d) Was responsible at TechnoServe Ghana for program reporting to donors and other stakeholders from 1993 to 2001;

(e) Assisted in the preparation of the Pilot Project Proposal of the Nigeria Network of the Sustainable Tree Crop Programme (NN-STCP);

(f) Have authored more than 60 other project proposals, e.g. for the Heifer International Ghana (HIG), Enterprise for Development International (EfDI, Nigeria), Volta Region Association of NGOs (VORANGO), Learning Helping Living (LHL) NGO, Development Solutions Centre (DSC), Business Development Services (BDS) International, etc that have been approved by donors like DANIDA, USAID, Netherlands Embassy, Africa 2000, DED (German Development Services), the EU (European Union), UNDP-GEF, the Commercial Banks, among others.

E. Micro-Credit/Micro-Enterprise Development

(a) Played a key role in the development of TechnoServe/Ghana Inventory Credit Scheme (1993 – 2001);

(b) Designed a Pigeon Pea Inventory Credit Storage and Marketing Program for TechnoServe Mozambique;

(c) Assisted with the development of other micro-credit products like buyer pre-financing, equipment leasing, etc;

(d) Co-Contractor in the design and development of a Training Fund for GHAMFIN and the micro-enterprise sub-sector of Ghana for the Ministry of Finance;

(e) Developed and Operationalized a loan portfolio management system for TechnoServe Ghana; and

(f) Prepared a Business Advisory Manual for the Mfantseman Community Bank. Biriwa, Central Region, Ghana. Under the auspices of the African Development Foundation (ADF) of USA.

F. Training

(a) Facilitated a 3-day workshop on Fundraising and Proposal Writing for Heifer Project International (HPI);

(b) Designed and conducted formal training activities in cost-effectiveness analysis and monitoring and evaluation for TechnoServe, Inc.;

(c) Designed and conducted formal training activities in many aspects of rural development, including: gender analysis, Log-Frame analysis, sub-sector analysis, management information systems, proposal and report writing, environmental impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation and designing viable micro-finance/credit programs;

(d) Served as principal resource person to bi-lateral donors, local governments and NGO federations in their training programs;

(e) Guest Lecturer on Monitoring and Evaluation, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, (GIMPA) Accra, since 1995;

(f) Research Assistant, University of Ghana/IDRC/UNICEF Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD) Project. Accra, Ghana. This work culminated into the iodization of Salt in Ghana and the distribution of Iodine capsules to children and women; and

(g) Adjunct lecturer at the Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ghana.

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